stress management

Stress Management

Riquette Hofstein, a Certified Stress Mastery Program Trainer and licensed hypnotherapist, has been using her extensive knowledge and genius for innovation to help individuals and corporate clients achieve optimal levels of stress-free physical, emotional and overall health and fitness.

A licensed hypnotherapist and popular guest on dozens of top television programs — including the David Letterman Show, Fox News, Regis & Kathy Lee, and the CBS Morning News — Riquette’s innovative technologies have made her the subject of numerous articles in the electronic and print media all around the globe. Now Riquette is using her extensive knowledge and her genius for innovation to help individual and corporate clients achieve optimal levels of physical, emotional, and economic health and fitness.

Riquette has spent her own life turning adversity into advantage, one challenge at a time. Early problems with hair, skin, and weight motivated her to study the chemistry of hair and skin — as well as nutrition and holistic health — leading to certifications in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Now Riquette is helping others to tap their own unlimited resources for healing and creativity. Through her wit, wisdom, and arsenal of proven technologies, she inspires and guides her audiences to break through the barriers of limiting beliefs to achieve their highest potential.

Techniques that will help you…
• Personal and professional life goals
• Core values – what’s most important in your life.
• What’s standing in the way of achievingyour dreams?
• Sources of work pressure – and satisfaction.
• Sources of personal/family pressures and pleasures.
• What you are feeling, where you are feeling it and why?
Discover How To…
• Exchange more assistance and respect with others.
• Build and strengthen your emotional immune system.
• Anticipate and plan for major changes wherever possible.
• Achieve greater levels of fulfillment through all relationships.
• Deal appropriately with frustrations and resentments at home and work.
• Assess effective steps you can take to change all external causes of stress.
Achieve Mastery With…
• Proven time-management techniques.
• Simple tools for more effective communications.
• Ancient, potent stress-release and relaxation technologies.
• Easy practices for reversing ineffective, stress-producing behaviors.
• Enjoyable self-care patterns that reduce stress and enhance pleasure.
• Positive coping mechanisms to manage your response to pressure and change.
• Effective ways to organize your work space for greater comfort and productivity.
• Victimhood to victorious attitudes and actions.
• Your greatest fears with the power of affirmations.
• Negative self-talk into encouraging inner commentary.
• Self-defeating attitudes and behaviors to win-win strategies.
• Attain new levels of health and self-esteem. • Discover hidden resources and access untapped potential.


What Clients Have Said About Life-Works
“Your high energy and creative tips during your appearances on our TV shows made them very successful” Diane Heditsian, Central Booking, Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Inc.
“Your energetic presentation on leadership and motivation .. was enthusiastically received.”
Timothy Gibbons, Employee Relations, Cleveland Clinic Foundation.
“Your Presentation was a pure delight.”
Patricia G. Britton, Executive, General Motors Corp.
“Thanks for doing a wonderful job for us. Your being here was a definite bonus, obvious by the response.” John F. Lowell, Employee Relations, Cleveland Clinic Foundation