hair growth treatments

Hair Growth Treatments

Save the Hair You Have and Restore What You Don’t…

Whether you suffer from split ends, dandruff, psoriasis, dry hair, or hair loss, Riquette can help. As an internationally trained licensed expert in total hair and skin care, Riquette will discuss your daily regimen, including nutrition, then analyze your hair under a microscope and treat it from the root up.

Riquette has devised an all-natural 7-step program that promises if there is peach fuzz on the scalp, it will turn into hair in just twelve weeks. The texture of the hair will also change completely and further hair loss will stop. And unlike with monoxodyl, you will not lose your hair again if you stop the treatment.

Riquette has also written a book, Grow Hair in 12 Weeks, in which she reveals:

  • Why 99 percent of hair loss is caused by one thing!
  • Why hair loss is not caused directly by stress!
  • How to wash, rinse, and brush hair properly!
  • How to make your own natural hair-care products from readily available ingredients from supermarkets, drugstores, and health food stores for just pennies a day.
  • Why Riquette’s magic haircut will help new hair grow!
  • What to do immediately if your hair has turned to dry, cottony wisps!
  • Why hair loss is on the rise with American women, and how to reverse the damage!
  • How Riquette’s bonus skin-care program will leave your skin as healthy and beautiful as your luxurious hair!

Before and After Success Stories

Below you will see a sampling of Riquette’s clients who she has helped successfully grow hair back within 12 weeks…