What do others have to say about Riquette’s hair-growth treatments, products, books, and unique hair care solutions?

And, what have others to say about Riquette’s secret beauty, skin and facial treatments and private and corporate coaching sessions?

“I just wanted you know how pleased I am with your products. My hair almost completely stopped falling out within 7 to 10 days of beginning the program. The texture and fullness have improved dramatically and, best of all, I am seeing lots and lots of new hair along my hairline! It is all about the same length, so I would assume it is coming from ‘born-again’ follicles! It is gray, but that is not a big problem. That is the only new hair I can see but I’m sure there must be more elsewhere on my scalp. You are performing a tremendous service and are truly gifted. Take care, and may God continue to bless you.”Dale Smith
“After using Rogaine and Propecia for two years my hair was still falling out. Then I met Riquette … She is an inspiration to me, (1) for her miracle solution for baldness and (2) her passion for humanity. I now have a full head of thick hair thanks to Riquette’s shampoos and scalp stimulaters.”Executive Chef Ian Russo
“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. I attended your class with the Learning Annex in NYC several months ago. At first, I was really scared by my hair loss but I started using some of your shampoos and stimulators. Now, I can actually see new hair growth where there was none before. You helped restore my faith, can’t wait to see how far I can take it. Thank you!”
Chris Ferrara (2002)
“Not only are you amazing at what you do, you are a sweetheart as well. In the short time I have been coming to you my hair has improved 100%. It has never looked this strong and healthy. With many thanks and much love!”Linda A. (2002)
“I’m 34 years old, and my hair was falling out like crazy! No one could explain to me what was happening! I was obviously stressing out and depressed about this which caused more of my hair to fall out! I tried a lot of remedies – none worked! I can truly say, Riquette not only stopped my hair from falling out, I’ve grown back almost all of what I lost within ONE YEAR! Once I met with her and I began using her products my whole life became worth living again. Trust me, being bald at 34 and being a woman is hard to handle. Anyway, my hair is growing back and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate Riquette professionally and spiritually.”Leslie C., Record Company Marketing Director, Los Angeles, CA (2002)
“You lied in your book. You said that miracles would not be performed and that my hair would not recover to the fullness from the older picture. I bought your book after making an appointment with a therapist because I was so depressed about my hair loss. I was at the point that if I caught a glimpse of my head in the mirror while driving I would start to cry. I stopped caring about the rest of my appearance because the hair was so bad, I figured nothing else mattered. I had nice hair growing up but my mother had such severe loss in her 20s that by her 30s, she was wearing a wig full time. My hair came out in clumps everywhere, I shed more than my cats. I had a terrible itchy wax on my scalp that no amount of washing or scratching could scrape off. It was thick and nearly hard like candle wax and paste. I bought your book on January 1 of this year (2002). I am of modest means but had spent a lot trying to halt the exodus of my hair. The dermatologist said to learn to live with it. Hairdressers saw me as a easy target for useless but expensive products. Halfway through your book (this was the first night) I was away from home, but was so anxious to start that I massaged my facial mud mask into my scalp 20 minutes before washing my hair that night. By the next morning the exodus of hair had screeched to a halt. Not one hair had come out since the previous evening! I was overjoyed and rushed to get the ingredients for the full program which I followed since then. My hair is now back to full thickness, and has a better texture than ever before. It has simply never looked or felt this good before. I can’t thank you enough. I have recommended the book many, many times over illustrating with my own mane how effective the program is. Again, thank you so much, Riquette. Sincerely … “L.B., Los Angeles, CA (2002)
“Riquette, thank you for the wonderful facial. My skin loved it!”Barbara C. (1982)
“As promised, I have followed your excellent hair program for the last 4 weeks, using the shampoos, conditioners and the two special stimulators as discussed I am sending samples of my hair, for further analyzing. Riquette, I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of hair I lose each day. My hair loss now averages a healthy 20-40 hairs per day (sometimes less). I am very pleased with the results I am seeing. My hair is stronger, healthier and glossier than ever. I can’t begin to thank you, Riquette. Needless to say, I eagerly await the results of my next test! Riquette, once again, my most sincere thanks!”Marisa Z., Canada
“After years of trying product after product to combat skin that was dry and rough, I was finally introduced to Riquette International. After only six weeks my skin has taken on a whole new look. It is soft, smooth and glowing. What a difference your beauty treatments have made. Thank you very much.”Nancy K.
“I was at your lecture in San Diego on Saturday. It was fabulous. I love the products I bought from you (i.e., the 4 hair care products). They smell wonderful and make my hair look great. I just have to wait for it to get thicker! 🙂 It’s so nice not to be afraid of my hair now! I can pull on it, massage it, brush it, have fun with it and not worry about it falling out. Thank you so much!” Melanie
“I don’t usually write endorsements for services or products, but in this case I feel a need to make an exception. When I went to see Riquette it was to see if she could sell me some shampoo to help with my thinning hair. After taking one look at me she concluded that I needed a lot more help than just my hair. She told me that I was really tired, very toxic, my skin was in trouble, and that I had a very serious digestive problem. How she knew all of this I don’t know, but all of this was very true and in fact I was eating a role of Rolaids every couple of days. She told me that I needed to fix things on the inside before I worried about the outside. I decided to follow her directions and put myself under her care. One of the biggest obstacles was the fact that I work very long hours and I don’t have the time or energy to prepare the proper foods for my meals. Riquette solved that problem by introducing me to a chef that cooks and delivers the properly prepared food for my later use. I haven’t used Rolaids in four weeks, my energy level is way up compared to what it was on my initial visit to Riquette, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and my hair looks great. I’m really curious as to what I will feel like by the time I complete the 12 week program. I think it’s really important to tell you that in no way do I feel hungry or that I’m on a diet.”Bill W.
“I am very glad to say how much my hair has been improving. The roots that were so weak one year ago, now are plugged strongly inside my scalp. The hair improved in volume and quantity, growing strong and healthy. My skin won a new life and glow with your treatments, facials and special products. You really understand what makes hair grow and skin to be beautiful more than any one I have ever met before. Thank you, Riquette, from the bottom of my heart.”
Elleonora D., New York
“I can’t believe it! It’s a miracle! I lost half of my hair in 1 year. I felt so depressed and hopeless. In the last three months, since I started working with Riquette and using her products religiously my hair stopped falling out and I have almost all my hair back. If you are not using her products your crazy!!! I have my life back and I love her for that.”L. Cooney, Los Angeles
“I purchased your book, Grow Hair In 12 Weeks and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your writing this book. Even though I don’t have a a hair loss problem, I have wanted my hair long all my life but it is fine and slow growing. I use your scalp and hair shampoos, final rinse, flax volumizer and protein condition. I use the oil stimulators once in a while. I find that the texture of my hair is different and my hair has much more volume and body. Even though my hair is not as long as I want it yet, I really feel that I’ll get there this time. The products are easy to make and I enjoy using natural products. Thank you again for writing this book.” Laura H., New York
“Approximately one and a half years ago, I was referred to you by one of your clients. Prior to seeing you, I had noticed rapid hair loss for approximately one year. I had found more hair on the bottom of the shower than on my head! My initial interest in seeing you was simply to maintain the hair I still had. I had no delusions of grandeur of regrowing hair whatsoever. Upon our first consultation, you diagnosed my problem and we immediately began a hair care program. Results were immediate! The drain was no longer filled with stray hairs. As a bonus, I began to see a receding hairline no longer recede. In fact, hairs started growing where there was none before. As improbably as it may seem, I have gone from a complete skeptic to a firm believer. I continue to use your products and come for treatments and my expectations are exceeded beyond belief. Thank you, for everything including your invaluable friendship!”
Steve R., Beverly Hills, CA
“Thank you for taking a risk in your life and producing something so fabulous. I love your strength and passion. You help me reaffirm the belief that anything is possible to achieve in this world.” Al D., Connecticut
“Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the scalp treatments – I can testify to the efficiency of your program by the thousands of new hairs! I am also enjoying the shampoos – my hair is so much softer and manageable. Thank you, for your support and guidance. I really appreciate everything you’ve done and continue to do!” Clark H.
“I first came to Riquette at age 25 with a rapidly expanding bald spot in my crown. She began twice weekly treatments which immediately arrested further hair loss. Within three months there was evidence of new growth, fine hairs sprouting on my bald spot. These grew slowly at first, gradually thickening and became dark in a few months. Within a six month period my bald spot had disappeared. Riquette’s treatments had reversed my hair loss and grown new hair. And five years later I retain a full head of hair. I continue to treat myself at home twice a week with only an occasional visit to Riquette.” Steve R., Owner of Diamond Bakery